E-mail Campaigns Tracking System


E-mail Campaigns Tracking System

Companies with a large client base need to interact with their customers and prospects on regular basis in order to:

  • have a constant communication flow;
  • reach top-of-mind;
  • communicate on particular products, promotions and others;
  • be transparent in their activity and constantly inform the clients regarding its own activity;
  • send account status information (eg. banks sending card and account summaries);
  • have a constant operational communication flow with customers.

One of the most efficient communication tool is e-mail and companies tend to realize its advantages and increase the number of campaigns and the categories of subjects reached by their e-mail campaigns:

  • marketing (promotions, loyalty, advertorials, news about new products and services);
  • customer support (notifications, reminders, invoices);
  • legal (changes in the contracts, notifications).

The Challenge

Using internal mailing systems, companies are sending more and more e-mails but they don’t really know what happens after the e-mail was sent. It’s a one-direction communication flow and it’s not making best use of available technologies to find out what is really happening after the e-mail campaign was launched.

The Solution: A very efficient E-mail Campaigns Tracking System (ECTS) able to keep track of:

  • Track and store the history of the e-mail campaigns launched;
  • Analyze the rate of opening and offer detailed reports;
  • Analyze the CTR and offers a informational base for future e-mail segmentation;
  • Make campaign statistics and recipient activity log;
  • Allowing custom integration with e-mail sending systems;

We started building the solution by performing an extended business analysis at one of the biggest multinational banks in Romania and crafted a system to serve their needs.

The system has as easy-to-use intuitive interface, and there are multiple user roles in order to be able to manage the system and manage the campaigns.

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