Opportunity Management System


Opportunity Management System

The sales/new business department’s activity can be very chaotic. Basically you the company have to deal with a large number of prospects in order to convert a part of them to clients.

The activity can be organized in optimized with some basic rules in order to make it more efficient and accountable.

The Challenge

The large volume of accounts a sales/new business department has to deal in order to achieve the sales targets can bring some difficulties in the way a new client is approached. Also, since the prospect is not a client, and does not exist in the company CRM records, the risk of multiple approach from more “sales hunters” is high, and can affect the company professional image.

The Solution: A very efficient Opportunity Management System able to keep track of:

  • Prospected accounts;
  • Sales/new business orchard;
  • Targets and achievements;
  • Forecasts;
  • Pipeline management;
  • Flexible reporting;
  • Event notifications;
  • Sales/new business tools and documents.

Consolidating the effort

The sales/new business team has to be organized when approaching a market. The efforts has to be concentrated for achieving the highest results and the resources have to be well allocated. In order to achieve this the OMS has a powerful account allocation model prevents overlapping.

Efficient and flexible reporting

The application has predefined reports in order to have the standard reports available but is also able to generate new custom reports, tailored to the organization specific.

Targets and achievements

OMS is providing real-time access to the activity dashboard and motivates the reps to focus on the things they need to do in order to achieve the targets.


Provides real-time forecasts, which consolidates the management decisions in order to meet the targets.

Event notifications

Helps the reps to keep track of the important actions they need to take.

Pipeline management

Having a constant perspective on the pipeline all the team members are driven to take the right actions immediately in order to be on track.

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