Our focus is to increase our Client’s competitiveness through technology. Sometimes we are achieving this by simplifying specific business processes, other times by developing new tools or by reshaping the ones that are not matching their real potential. We are putting a lot of passion and effort in our work and we take our Client’s businesses personal. Our success is based on all the team members’ competencies-engagement correlation and we are making constant efforts in growing these indicators in order to succeed on delivering the best technology-creativity-innovation blend.



Ciprian Salceanu, Partner, Business Development Manager

Ciprian has been an active in IT&C consultant and business developer for more than 12 years. After completing Management and Marketing studies he accumulated know-how and expertise in multinational IT&C companies such as Vodafone and Orange.

He knows that every project’s success depends on the first steps and he’s proficient in guiding the Client take the first steps toward a successful project.

Being straightforward and efficient in communication, Ciprian will do all the possible to guide the Client and help him make the best decisions both business and technically wise.


Ionut Dumitru, Partner, Operations Manager

Ionut has an experience of over 12 years in SME and Enterprise management systems.

Besides having a solid technical and management background, Ionut believes every project needs to be addressed particularly and that transparent customer relationships are a decisive factor for successful long-term partnerships. His commitment is to establish Webventure Development as one of the most reliable near shore companies in Eastern Europe.

Team & Values

We believe that every successful project starts with thoroughly gathering and understanding the business needs. The next step is to design the most suitable software architecture to support the development process. Then we start building together on top of this solid foundation.

Methodology - depending on the project we are choosing the optimal out of:

– Agile Scrum

– Waterfall

We have the expertise to develop Lean Projects and MVPS, having as advantages:

– Project can respond easily to change;

– Problems are identified early;

– Customer gets most important work first (we are able to define a MVP);

– Work done will better meet the customers’ needs;

– Products are able to monetize with minimum investment in development;

– Improved productivity;

– We are able to maintain a predictable schedule for delivery.

The Roles

  • Business Analyst
  • Software Architect
  • Project Manager
  • UX Architect
  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Mobile Developer (IOS and Android)
  • Sys Admin
  • IT Security Expert
  • QA/Tester
  • IT Consultant

Our focus

Delivering the right business tools for our Clients

Core competencies

Extensive Business Analysis, Software Requirements Specification, and Prototyping expertise

Software Consulting and Project Management

Backend development using PHP, Java and .NET

Database engines such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server and Oracle

HTML5 Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap or custom boilerplates

UX automation using JavaScript, jQuery

UI styling w/ CSS3, LESS or SASS

Mobile Development (IOS and Android)


success rate in all our projects since the beginning
new business received in 2015 came from existing Clients
of our team members developed new software development skills in 2015